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Car Wash

The Car Wash in Gols

OPEN DAILY FROM 6:00 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M.

The car wash in Gols offers state-of-the-art convenience. The self-service car wash also has a 4.2 meter high car bay that is perfect for washing busses, vans and boats. Brushes and lances are available and maintained daily.

We also have a change machine so that you always have all you need whenever you feel like washing your car.

4 large vaccuming stations allow you to easily clean your car interior as well.

The car wash uses a new soap called Shine Tec that has a demonstrable repair effect for your car's paint.

This is how the ShineTecs repair effect works:

1. New car paint has a smooth surface.It reflects light. The car has a glossy shine.

2. After time however, the paint surface develops microscopic indentations. The paint no longer reflects the light as well and it loses its gloss.

3. Washing the car with ShineTecs fills these indentations. The neutral color acrylionic protective layer hardens within a few hours and remains permanently on the paint!

4. The repeated use of ShineTec intensifies its effect, so that with every wash, the new protective layer becomes stronger. The car paint shines like new again!