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For more than 8 decades, Gredinger has been providing satisfied customers with the high quality service that has made us the most trusted car dealership in the Lake Neusiedl region!

In the spring of 1932, the master locksmith Florian Gredinger opened his one-man business on Untere Hauptstraße in Gols. At the beginning he mainly repaired and maintained agricultural equipment and locks (such as the locks on the many wine cellar doors in Gols, the largest wine-growing community in Austria).

By the end of the 1940s, Florian Gredinger, with the help of his two sons John and Matthias, was responsible for the maintenance and repair of several threshing machines in Gols.

In the mid-1950s, Florian’s youngest son Matthias Gredinger had completed his apprenticeship in Neusiedl am See at the only car mechanic in the district, a year as a wandering journeyman in Styria and the examination as a master automotive mechanic and decided to join the family business and restructure it as a workshop for tractors, agricultural machinery and motor vehicles.

In 1960, Matthias Gredinger and his wife Theresa bought a house and property on Unteren Hauptstrasse in Gols and built a workshop that they continued to expand step by step over the years. In the 1960s, Gredinger became an authorized dealer for Steyr tractors and Fiat automobiles.

In the 1970s, the company had outgrown the property at Unteren Hauptstraße, so Matthias and his son Ing. Günther Gredinger decided to build a new car dealership on a large plot at Oberen Hauptstraße 112 directly at the entrance to Gols where the company is now located today.

In 1977, Gredinger moved to the newly built car dealership where at the new workshop we continued to provide our growing number of customers with our usual quick, high quality maintainance and repair services for cars, vans, trucks and tractors. At this time we also did our first restoration work for vintage cars, something that remains a passion for Matthias Gredinger even today at more than 80 years old. A spacious retail space and a showroom were also built at the new car dealership.

After the wine scandal in 1986, Elfriede and Ing. Günther Gredinger took over the car dealership and restructured it to be highly successful under the new economic conditions. From this time on we have focussed on the sale and repair of cars and vans up to 3.5 tons. The same year, Gredinger also became an authorized dealer for Daihatsu and, and in 1990 for Chrysler and Jeep.

In 2000, Ing. Roland Gredinger joined the family business and has manged the car dealership since then together with his parents, Elfriede and Günther.

Since 2002, Gredinger has been a dealer exclusively for Mazda automobiles. In 2006 and 2007, Gredinger received the award for “Mazda dealers with the highest customer satisfaction in Austria” two years in a row.

Over the years Roland Gredinger, who has shared his grandfather’s passion since he was a small child, built up the family hobby of restoring vintage cars into a business of its own.

In 2011 and 2012, after many small rennovations over the decades, the most recent major rennovations and additions were made at Gredinger. The workshop, showroom, customer waiting area and offices were all newly rennovated. Extensive rennovations were also made to the outdoor area with a new used car lot, additional parking areas and the Gols car wash being built, which was inaugurated right in time for the huge 80th anniversary celebration in April 2012.

Since April 2012, Gredinger is now a Bosch Car Service Center.